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Linden tea box  contains 20 tea bags.

The Linden tree, also known as the Tilia tree, is often found growing in Europe and North America. These seasonal trees are large and produce flowers known as the lime flowers in some areas. This is a plant that has been used in folk medicine and various remedies for centuries, particularly in Europe where it grows most abundantly. 

The flowers can be used to make herbal tea which is used to treat anxiety since the herb exerts a soothing effect on the body, helping calm the nerves and treat sleep disordersas well. There are several different subspecies of linden that can be used medicinally and all may have a slightly different taste. Linden tea is one of the most effective natural remedies and has been used for centuries. When it is administered regularly, it can help with a wide range of different health issues.

Drinking Linden Tea for Better Digestion

A problem that linden tea is known to help with is in clearing up any problems with the gallbladder or digestive system. If you have an upset stomach, drinking a cup of teabefore bed will not only help to calm your nerves, but it will also help you digest your food more easily for a good night's rest. It may lessen the effects of excessive flatulence as well. The effects of the linden flower on the digestive system are well documented and this is why the tea has been recommended by so many different herbalists and experts in folk therapies over the years.

Linden Tea for a Good Night Sleep

One of the most common uses for linden tea today is to treat anxiety because the herb exerts a soothing effect on the body, helping to calm the nerves and treat sleep disorders as well. If you are suffering from anxiety or insomnia, a cup of this tea before bed can offer a soothing, gentle feeling of relaxation that can help you get a better night’s rest.

Eases Cold and Flu Symptoms

Another important use of linden tea is its ability to help those suffering common cold and flu sicknesses. The first prominent benefit this tea offers during this time is that it helps to boost the immune system due to its high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. This can even help prevent and fight off sickness. Another great benefit is that it can soothe sore throats related to cough and cold since warm drinks can offer a relaxing effect for a sore or itchy throat. Furthermore, drinking this tea can help reduce fevers, which is also useful during times of sickness as well.

Linden Tea Linden Tea

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